About Us

Sudo Systems LLC has been around since 2014. We are a team of crazy mad engineers pushing the envelope and staying on the cutting edge of embedded systems.

We challenge the status quo, we LOVE solving problems and discovering solutions that push the world further ahead. We love what we do and we are good at it.


Our solutions are built upon the knowledge. However, we are not relying on just building a better mouse-trap – we are building an entire new concepts.


Speed is not just a nice value, but it’s a necessity. We will help you launch your product, solve the issues and deliver the solutions in record time.


We are not stopping at roadblocks. If we can’t get through them, we will try to go around them or just make our own path.

A Team of
Experts Behind
the Wheel

Sudo Systems is a group of talented and curious engineers from all walks of life. The hardware and software engineers have been dabbling in robotics since high school. While in college they have achieved multiple awards from International Robotics competitions worldwide. The team has been stoking the fire and curiosity by building custom projects and custom solutions for embedded and IoT industry since then. In 2018 Sudo Systems has become public company, located in Slovenia in Central Europe.

Join Our Team

Do you thrive under challenge? Do you crave building cutting edge technology and innovative solutions? Are you a smart individual who thrives working in teams and has a growth mindset? Join us in providing amazing hardware to the embedded development community!

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